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      If you're looking for a UNIX shell account that delivers consistently large uptimes and an amazing number of IRC vhosts, look no further. If you're in the market for a stable, fast host for your web site, you have found it. If you'd like to register and manage your own domain name at a price that never increases, JEAH® is your company.

      Brand-new? JEAH® can get you going, start-to-finish, from assistance in setting up that special program in your new shell, to adding all the email accounts you'll need. If you want Wordpress installed, or help configuring Joomla or Drupal we're here.

      JEAH® is one of the most reliable and respected internet providers in the world. Our reputation of solid server performance and constant customer care has driven thousands to trust us with their business and personal internet presence needs.

      We take pride in the unique relationship we build with each of our clients. At JEAH®, you receive the personal service and attention you deserve.

JEAH.NET = Great UNIX shell accounts & web hosting.
Choose the established leader.

Pay JEAH® by credit card, check, online check, PayPal, money order, cash, Western Union, wire/bank transfer.

Current Uptime:
125 days, 6 hrs 5 mins

February 11th, 2015:
Network upgrade went great today. JEAH® is now even more stable and secure for your data and connectivity!

February 9th, 2015:
All JEAH® servers upgraded to the latest FreeBSD, web & DB daemons for extra features and security fixes.

October 19th, 2014:
JEAH® has great business web hosting with Wiki, Joomla, Drupal & Wordpress here & whitehat SEO here.

February 16th, 2014:
JEAH® adds IRC vhost domains: cokeaddict.com, frosted.us, LushRimbaugh.org, BNCshells.com, psyBNCshells.com, eggdropshells.com.

mite @EFnet:
"JEAH is reliable. Thanks for answering my questions quickly and politely. Glad to see you're still around 7 years later!"

MeechDawg @DALnet:
"Hosting *and* BNC at the same company without worries of downtime! Second to none."

jkrizza @IRCNet:
"Stable, fast, and rock-steady - CRITICAL to my eggies on the rough and ready EFnet."

Ross DiMico:
"Beautifully uncomplicated UNIX web hosting for almost 10 years. Plain and simple, like it should be. I Love JEAH."

I_Bloome @Undernet:
"I made the mistake of switching to a cheaper shell company. I was back after less than a month."

  Featured JEAH® Client:   Under The Ginkgo Tree B&B
UNIX Web Hosting Client This Chicago B&B was built in 1890 and is located in a historic Queen Anne Victorian home. When staying at Under The Ginkgo Tree Bed & Breakfast you are just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. Public transit and expressways are nearby, and the room price can't be beat for business or pleasure stays!
Domain Name Registration
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